Bought a Agile-Dmt-X2 recently, in very good shape, but i'm having a problem with it pausing after 30 seconds, talk to a tech, and said probably speed sensor. It was a little loose, tightened it up, was working fine. put it all back together, and now it's not working. Took it apart, everything still tight, but still not working. Anyone know how I could check the sensor? or any other tests i can do? thanks, Dan


  • Here is what we have!

    Calibration for the DMTX1 & DMTX2i Resistance Motor

    This should solve the 30 second pause issue in unit or rubbing issue when resistance is increased.

    Please remove the right side pedal arm, the teardrop cover, and the white disc.

    Then, loosen the set screw on the limit collar of the resistance motor.

    Slide it all the way up.

    Power off, then on and then set the collar to 1.25 inches from the top of the collar to the center of the magnet bracket holes.

    If there isn’t enough room on the shaft to get 1.25 inches, set it at 1.00 inches and power off and then back on. Set to 1.25 inches.

    Tighten set screw. Then test unit… press start and spin the crank… watch console to see if rpm’s are present…
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