Precor EFX 5.17 - PowerTransformer Not Working

Hi All,
My Precor suddenly stopped working. It won't turn on. Using a voltage detector I can tell that power is coming into the source side of the transformer, but not getting to the end of the cable. I've actually pulled the transformer apart and found a blown fuse, which I have ordered and will replace, but I'd like to find a replacement transformer. The specs are INPUT 120V, 60Hz, 55W and OUTPUT 12VDC, 3000mA. It also looks like the negative wire is on the center of the plug (positive on the outside) based on a diagram on the transformer. I can't find one anywhere. It looks like newer Precors have gone to a different power cable configuration.

Does anyone know of a source to find a replacement? I would even splice the old plug onto a new transformer if I can find one with the right specs. Sellers seem to avoid providing output specs for transformers.


  • You can contact this company they may have a new or used part 563-949-0799
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    Thank you. I checked on-line with no luck, but I'll call them as well. I think I found a suitable replacement, but I may need to splice the end of the old adapter if I need the screw on connector or if the coax-barrel size isn't correct.

    I appreciate your assistance.
  • PS for any others that might be looking for the same, the output plug inside polarity needs to be negative for this machine. The linked above transformer fits that bill.
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