Quiet, iFit on separate TV, under $1500?

My wife and I are light users. We are both under 160 lbs, we run 3 times a week for 30 minutes if we are lucky.
I would like a recommendation for a:
1) Quiet machine (my wife will be sleeping 2 rooms away while I pound on the treadmill)
2) I want iFit to control the speed and slope - but I will be using a wall-mounted TV - not the built-in display.
3) I want to spend under $1,000, but will go to $1500 if needed.
4) Folding

What do you recommend under $1,000, under $1300, and also under $1,500?


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    It sounds like the Nordictrack and the Proform at similar price levels will be similarly quiet. Is that correct?
    It also looks like the Proform Smart Pro 2000 and Smart Pro 5000 are the same machine less screen size and a slight motor size difference. And I do not need a larger screen and a slightly larger motor is not a big deal for me - so the 2000 seems better for me? Are my assumptions correct?
    Now, considering that I will not be needing the screen on the machine because I am using an external TV for iFit, do you think I would be better off with the Proform Trainer 8.0 instead of the Smart Pro 2000 because of better build quality?
  • You can't go wrong with either one, I would recommend buying a extended warranty if you are able to on either unit.
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