Barbara H. Conrad

i just bought a bowflex treadmill and love it. It says it runs 15amps and to not plug into a GFI/AFCI outlet.
All of my outlets in my house rental are like that. They all have the restart button them. So far runs fine...ado I need ask my landlord to switch out the outlet? Can I plug a the treadmill into a new power surge instead?
If I have to change out the outlet to non GFI,,is that expensive?


  • By code, you won't be able to change out those outlets, If the unit is running fine that just keep using it.
  • the outlet is 15a or more...the treadmill is 15a
    My understanding the outlet could be switched out ...its in a garage room..not near a sink...there is another gfi in the room
    i ran ok on level three...but thats slow
    do treadmill tend to trip these outlets due to changes in power draw when running on them?
    Is this a non important techno bowflex policy do to some past anomilie so bowflex put it in their manuel?
    im curious how many other folks plug their units into a gfi with no concerns?
  • The reason they ask you not to plug it into a GFI, is when the motor starts it sometimes will spark which will cause a GFI to trip.
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