Sportcraft TX350 Model 04001 problem

I purchased this treadmill about a year ago at a garage sale. It has worked great until day before yesterday. I did my normal warm up, then when I reached the point when I needed to be at 3.0 as soon as I hit the button the unit died, blew a fuse, and it will not turn back on. we replaced the fuse and went to turn it on and cannot use the red safety key, the unit starts running at the speed I assume I was going and the console will not light up. we have blown 2 fuses already and are at a loss. I do not have a user or service manual.
If you have any suggestions or ideas, I'd appreciate some help on this one.

Thank you, Barb


  • Barb,
    It sounds like a short somewhere in the lower board or console, but those parts are no longer Available to purchase since that company is out of business. Sorry I can't help you out any more.
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