Sole F80 LS1 Error After Moving

After a couple years of flawless performance and regular maintenance on our F80, we decided to move it into another room yesterday. We disconnected the console and rails, lifted out and separately moved the deck assembly and console/rails into other room. Pretty uneventful move, reconnected everything and now getting the error. Verified speed sensor is still aligned, tried recalibration, and still not working.

Any idea what may have happened?


  • What Error are you getting?
  • I also experienced the exact same issue. Treadmill was working fine, I moved it to the other side of my basement and when I started it up I received a LSI low speed error. Speed sensor is aligned green light lights up when motor is spinning.
  • check all your connections from controller to console and make sure harness did not get pinched.

    F & S Series Engineering Mode

    Remove tether cord. Press and hold Start, Enter, and Stop. Replace tether cord Display should go Engineering Mode. Press Enter. Unit will now display the sub menus listed below. Press the Up/Down buttons to scroll through the list. Press Enter to access the selected program.

    Calibration Speed Cal. In this mode, you can test the speed Incline Cal. In this mode, you can test the incline

    Factory Settings This mode will allow you to view the Wheel size, Max Inc, Max Spd, Min Spd. Use Up/Down to scroll through, cannot be changed here

    Child Lock On/Off Press Enter to turn on/off. To unlock display, press Start and Enter

    Functions Sleep Mode On/Off Press Enter to turn on/off. Units English/Metric Press Enter to turn change.

    Maintenance Lube Message Reset Press Enter to Reset Odometer Message Reset Press Enter to Reset Pause Mode On/Off Press Enter to turn on/off.

    Display Test Test all LED’s

    Key Test Test all switches

    For more information, please contact our SOLE Service Department.
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