Proform 720ZLT motor/controller fault.

Hi. I have removed the cover and per the "NEEDS BRUSHES / DEMAGNETIZED MOTOR:" page in troubleshooting on this site, tried to manually stop the motor using pressure. With the cover off, I was able to stop the motor on the low speed. I used heavy work gloves and did not try on higher speed.
There is a LED on the controller board that apparently confirms the controller is "functioning normally". When the motor stops during use in diagnostic mode, the LED flashes to indicate "The controller is operating at its current limit. This will only occur if the controller is having to work too hard to maintain speed. Check for high friction between the board and belt or an over tightened belt. Console will display "14" in calibration mode level 5." (Tech Sheet Part #: 326652, MC-2100 Motor Controller)
The previous owner claimed the motor has been replaced.
The treadmill will appear to operate normally until someone walks on it, then it will run for approx 4-5 min and stop. Console lights stay on and circuit breaker does not trip. I have lubed belt and loosened belt until it slipped and then gradually tightened until slipping stopped. I am temped to use the entire bottle of lube to eliminate friction problems!
Do you have any recommendations? Maybe motor brushes, would you stock them? Motor ZDY082-MNT-073
Thank you.


  • Hi, any comment on this? Previous owner said the service centre that replaced his motor told him the controller needs replacing. Does that sound right?
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