Durability: Nordictrack C 1650 vs. Proform Pro 2000 (sale prices)

Hello and thanks in advance, your reputation precedes you!

The short story is that I'm wondering which treadmill - between the Nordictrack C 1650 and the Proform Pro 2000 - is most reliable/durable/likely to last based on its "under the hood" components/parts etc. I take care of my products, so I would dutifully lubricate/wipe down the treadmill etc. I also know that Icon makes both of these and is a pain to work with, but I'm not willing to go much over $1000 to get a better manufacturer.

I ordered the Nordicktrack C 1650 on sale through Amazon, but I pushed the delivery out and can still cancel. So I'm trying to decide whether I should follow through with that order, or instead get the Proform Pro 2000, which is currently on sale through Costco.

I locked in the Nordictrack C 1650 at $860, including free assembly through Amazon. Alternatively, I can get the Proform Pro 2000 for $999 on sale from Costco, without assembly. Both ship free. The model numbers as provided by Amazon/Costco for both the Nordictrack (NTL11215) and Proform (PFTL13113) appear to be the latest models offered on the manufacturers' websites.

The treadmill will be used by 2 people, both under 200 pounds, 3-5 times per week for 30-45 minute run/jogs. And some walking as well. Based on your excellent reviews and my own research, both treadmills seem to work generally for these purposes.

But my main concern is reliability/durability/longevity. I know that the features are similar, but those aren't really important to me anyway, but rather the ability to last is. We're students, so this is already a big purchase, but I believe it saves money over the long term to buy quality and not have to replace it later.

I'm asking here because your site is so great with the "under the hood" details. So if you had to recommend one of the two based on its likelihood to last for as long as possible, which would you recommend? The Nodrictrack C 1650 through Amazon is about $150 cheaper and includes free assembly, but I would pay $150 more if the Proform Pro 2000 is higher quality.

Thank you!


  • I would go with the Nodrictrack, they both come out of the same factory, but the Nordictrac is a little nicer.
  • Thanks so much for answering.

    Do you think the Nordictrack C 1650 is a durable machine? If machines in this price range aren't particularly good quality/going to last me 10 years, I would prefer to just run outside or go to the gym rather than spend $1,000. But I would buy if this is a good machine that will last.

    Thanks again.
  • Make sure you buy a extended warranty its worth it.
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