Sole F65 Noise On Front Roller Bearing


Wish I could upload audio of the noise coming from my treadmill. Anyway I just got this last week and it ran with no issues until a couple of days ago. I'm now getting a noise coming from the far left of the front roller bearing. It almost sounds like motor brush windings, but it's not that because it's coming from the roller bearing. It starts about 30 second after it starts moving with or without anyone on the treadmill. Any suggestions? I've checked youtube and Google'd the heck out of it, but no one has posted a noise like this one that I have found.

Thank you.


  • Just sounds like the front roller bearing are bad, you can try to spray some wd-40 into the shaft goes threw the bearings, sometimes this will clear any debris in and around bearing.
  • Well I narrowed it down to the pulley on the front roller or the motor belt that connects to the pulley. I listened to a bunch of youtube videos for squeeling noises on motors, belts, etc. and the one that sounded the most like mine was a video of a belt squeal on a car engine. I went to get some belt conditioner and started up the treadmill. When the noise started I sprayed the inside of the pulley belt and the noise went away immediately. Now I have to figure out which one is the problem. This treadmill is basically brand new with only 18 hours on it.
  • Sounds like the drive belt.
  • Okay so I bought this F65 from a guy who had it sitting in his house for 2 years. It's practically brand new and had 14 hours on it when I bought it. Do you think the drive belt might need to be replaced already? It looks brand new. After spraying it with belt conditioner the noise went away, but now when I start it up it sounds worse until it gets going for a while and then the noise goes away. I have no problem replacing the belt if you think that would fix it. I want to protect this investment especially since I got such a great deal on it and it's in brand new condition.
  • Sounds like a drive belt is just dried out.
  • So should I just keep adding belt conditioner?
  • I would just replace drive belt.
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