Used treadmills - help me choose

I have three options I'm looking at in the area:

NordicTrack c1800i, 6 years old, $225
Landice 8700, 10 years old, been serviced, $200
Quinton Club Track 3.0, 10 years old, $200

The two older ones are apparently pretty high-end models, but is 10 years too old? If I had to replace a bunch of common parts, is that somewhere under $200?

The NordicTrack looks like it's just been collecting dust for most of the six years. The Landice is regularly used. The Quinton is in a small office gym, and has barely been used.



  • Following up on my own post, I think the Quinton may have to be disqualified because pretty much any part costs as much or more than one of the low-end Treadmill Doctor picks. Basically any failure requiring a part is going to blow the budget and the thing will go to a landfill.

    The Landice seems similar - but with the upshot that their HQ is less than a half hour from where I live, so I'm checking with them about parts on that model. I'll also ask the seller to confirm what the maintenance was and if any parts like the motor or belt have been replaced.

    The NordicTrack is very close to me, so I might take a look at it in person and see how it looks. If the condition is good, then I'm leaning towards that one...
  • And the Landice is out because after checking with the manufacturer (replied in like a half-hour!), they noted that the treadmill had to be more than 10 years old since they hadn't made that model since the 90's... So that seller is not trustworthy.

    So back to NordicTrack vs. Quinton...
  • I would go with the landice treadmill.
  • I would go with the landice treadmill.
    Even with the owner blatantly lying about the age?

    There's not a single replacement part on that thing I could afford if something went bad...
  • Quinton- Most parts on that unit are no NLA.
    Nordic track- most parts you can still buy , except the console.
    I would still go with a landice great unit have been working on those since 1991
  • If there is a hump down the middle of the belt, that means you walking belt is shot. You should have been lubing that belt at least once a year.
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