Reistance motor is turning the wrong way

We just moved our HealthRider H70e elliptical from the bedroom to the basement. Plugged it in and everything works beautifully except the fact that now increasing the resistance level makes the resistance go down. At level 1 we have some resistance (like what a level 3 should be), at level 5 and above there is no resistance.

I opened up the unit and the resistance motor is moving when you select a new resistance. It's completely reproducible, and always ends in the same position. Lowering the resistance results in a counterclockwise motion. Since the attachment rod is attached below the axle, the CCW motion pushes the magnets closer to the flywheel and increases resistance. When I select an increased resistance level, the motor moves in clockwise direction, pulling the magnets away.

This seems to be moving in the wrong direction! What can have caused this and what can I do about it?

I can attach the resistance rod above the axle, which results in lower resistance settings pulling the magnets away. The direction is correct in that case, but the rod is too long and resistance levels 8, 9 and 10 result in the magnets hitting the flywheel.

I have no idea how this happened. Had not used the elliptical in a long time, but last time I used it, it all worked fine. We had to disconnect the vertical stand in the front in order to move it, which may have put some stress on the cable/wires. I checked and everything is connected at the console and at the motor end. We bumped a few walls or floors while moving it, so we may knocked something loose, but I can't see anything obvious.

The thing is too old to buy a new motor, and I am not sure that would solve it since the motor still responds very consistently. Any thoughts?


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