SportcraftTX400 belt adjustment/lube question

I recently purchased a good used sportcraft TX400 the belt skips or slips sometimes(not much) it seems to be in good shape but I can reach my arm under the belt to the other side, the belt seems to be in good shape not damaged or falling apart at all. How tight should I make it and what type of lube should I use? I have no owners manual for this unit. Thanks in advance


  • You should only be able to lift edge of belt up 2 to 3 inch's. You should use a 100% silcone lube non proteulum base lube
  • I tightened the belt to what you said admn-it and it works great now. I did order some of the 100% silicone oil on ebay, I will lube it when I get that but just tightening the belt made all the difference in the world. Thanks again.
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