installing the updated 221012 control board

trying to connect a new 221012 control board to replace the U-MC2100-WA controller board in a Epic T60 treadmill. Was their an adapter kit i should have gotten for some of the wires? I pulled the jumper off the CB1 to the CB1A and attached the two existing wire that were on the old board. i cannot find the place to connect the transformer connection to the board. Are thy needed?
thanks for any help.


    Remove the screws holding the old board to the frame and leave the wiring intact. The mount for the Upgrade MC-2100 is the same as the old mount. So, simply put the board in place of the old one and then screw the replacement board to the frame before connecting wiring.
    Change the wiring from the old board to the new board one wire at a time. Each wire should be changed over as follows. From the box on the old MC-2100 labeled Motor remove the red motor wire from the A+ terminal and put it on the Upgrade MC-2100 on the terminal labeled A+. Next, remove the black motor wire from the A- terminal and then put it on the terminal labeled A-
    Next, remove the blue AC wire from the CB1 input on the old board and put it on the AC input terminal labeled CB1. Do the same thing for the other blue wire to the CB1A terminal. Then, remove the white wire from the AC NEUT input and put it on the new board on the terminal labeled AC NEUT. Then you will need to do the same thing for the AC HOT wire.
    Next, You will need to swap the three wire connections on the opposite side of the board from the old MC-2100 controller to the new MC-2100. These harness cannot be interchanged. There should be a 8 wire harness, a 3 wires harness, and a two wire harness all in line with each other.
    Finally, you will need to remove the incline motor harness from the old MC-2100 controller to the new MC-2100 controller making sure that you do not pull off the black connector off the old board. On some of the old MC-2100 controllers, the polarity between the red and black wires are reversed. If your incline motor runs backward (up is down and down is up) then you will need to follow the red and black wires from the harness to the terminals they plug on to at the incline motor and swap the wires. (Attach the red wire to the black terminal and the black wire to the red terminal.
    If your old MC-2100 Controller has a Transformer that is mounted to the treadmill frame then you will need to unhook the two harness's from the old controller and tie the wires out of the way because they will not be used on the new MC-2100.
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