Changing the IFit user on a NordicTrak E7.2 elliptical

First time poster.

I've been using Ifit (pre-2015 wifi module, if it matters) on my E7.2 elliptical for over a year without issues. I've now registered someone as a secondary user on the ifit website (worked ok) but can't figure out how to change the user on the 7.2 itself.

The manual seems to say to use the up/down buttons on the main ifit screen when the machine turns on - tried that and just get beeps. It's picking up my main user OK, but the 7.2 doesn't seem to know there's a secondary user to switch to.

Nothing useful on the ND website FAQs/etc, and looking around this website was recommended as helpful, so here's hoping!

thanks in advance (hopefully)



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