Vision Fitness Recumbent Bike Noise

My bike started making a humming noise when I either stop pedaling or pedal backwards. Stops once internal wheel stops spinning. No noise when in use/exercising...

It's an HRT 2200


  • You would have to take covers off and look inside as you are using it to see what is making the noise.
  • Thank you. I got a crank puller and removed the covers. Noise appears to be coming from the flywheel axle/bearings. Does it sound reasonable that the flywheel bearings on one or both sides may be the problem? I see they are sold as a set. Again, humming noise occurs when coasting or pedaling backwards (no friction by design when pedaling backwards).

    If so, is this a easy removal/replacement install for a DIYer? I see part on web for $26 for both bearings.
  • Yes , you can do the repair yourself.
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