Pacemaster Bronze Basic

I have a Bronze Basic and it has been a very good unit until now. A couple of days ago, the belt started to hesitate. I assumed it needed lubed. I didn't have any lube, so I ordered some. Tonight, it quit and had a faint burning smell when I pulled the cover off. It has an error code of 445, which means the belt isn't turning. DUH! I checked the connections and the fuse. Everything ok. I unplugged the motor (120 volt dc) from the circuit board. I turned on the treadmill and did a voltage check at the terminals on the board. It started out at 145 v dc and was down to 75v dc and dropping when I took the meter off. I am assuming I need a new motor, but is there anything else I should check before ordering a new one?


  • I would test the drive motor with either a cordless drill battery at least 12 to 18vdc. You can also use a old car battery needs atleast 12vdc output and see if motor will spin. If motor runs when hook up to battery then its in the lower board.
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