Maxxus CX 4.3f elliptic trainer: resistance level can be mostly changed, but not always

edited April 20 in Elliptical Problems
Hi, I got a strange issue with my Maxxus CX 4.3f elliptic trainer. The resistance can be changed, mostly works, but sometimes it is very obvious that the resistance is not at the level shown on the panel. I can consistently reproduce the issue:

- Start in manual mode, resistance is at level 1, very easy
- I quickly turn the knob until the panel shows level 16: I hear the noise of the motor, difficulty perhaps increases, but not by much
- I turn the knob to level 15: short motor noise and similar hardness
- I turn the knob to level 16 again: long motor noise and resistance gets very hard.

Any ideas what can be the problem? The motor apparently works, but somehow it does not set the appropriate level. If I turn the level up and down a couple of times, eventually it gets to a level that seems right.



  • I would look at the cable between the motor and the brake assembly first.
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