Nordic Track Treadmill C2009 model NTL 10840

Yes I know it is old but it works fine. It really does work fine but obviously there is somthing wrong or I would not be writing here.

I have a problem with the mph display. I have it for about 8 seconds and then it disappears. Reverts to 0. Now before we start a discussion on the reed switch please note that it checks out to be fine. (I have another one on order just in case - but this one appears electrically good. ) Yes the magnet is present. I took the console apart to check for any pinched or disconected wires. Excepts for the left fan which now works every thing check out electrically using a volt meter. So this is a very strange problem.

There is one more problem I am having which may be related. I cannot calibrate the machine. PRESS stop and speed increase and insert saftey key. It appears to go into calibration mode. The screen reads zero incline FB and O mph. Holding the speed up button the incline display will reach the 85 maximum. The mph screen however will remain at 0 MPH. Bring tge speed down and then hit the stop button again checks all the led lights. I thought this is the point the incline was to be checked. Anyway, once alll the lights are checked hitting stop again gives the E or Metric option. Hit it again you are done.

Now , checking the speed manually, it appears that when you hit the speed increase the display shows what the mph is, holds it for about 8 seconds and then reversts to zero. Manually calibrating the belt, the speed appears to have increased properly and remains there unless adjust either up or down on the console. The incline goes through all adjustments up and down in .5 degree increments. Pulse, fat burn, distance , programing all appear to be working properly.

Last point. If I do a calibration and then run the machine, the mph WILL READ AS IT SHOULD, even when you adjust the speed up and down, but nothing else will read properly. If I shut down the treadmill and and pull out the safety key, the next time I start it up, everything works fine, mph reads for about 8 seconds and then reverts to zero. Same old problem. ANYONE HAVE A SOLUTION?



  • This sounds as if the controller was replaced with an upgraded controller at some point. do you know if the controller has been replaced?
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