Buy new or repair Life Fitness 5500HR?

Three years ago, I bought a used Life Fitness 5500HR Treadmill at a thrift store for $25. I love it, except the incline has never worked. At this point, I really want a functioning incline for my workouts. So my question is: should I buy a new Life Fitness treadmill (a brand I love and hope my family will start using more, but a pricey investment) or would it be worth it to buy and install a replacement motor to get some more years out of this machine? I may also need to hire someone to install it, as I have no idea how to do that. I hate to buy an entirely new treadmill when I’m generally so happy with this one, minus the broken incline. TIA!


  • That incline motor might be hard to find. can you get me the serial number?
  • The model is TR-5500HR and the Serial is 277596. Thank you!
  • That serial number doesn't even register with Life Fitness any more. There's no support for it. you might try
  • ok, thank you!
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