NordickTrack C2150 - No Display/Console

My Treadmill was all working. However, I haven't used it for last 2 months or so. Today, when I tried to, I don't see anything on the console (Blank). I know power outlet is working where this is plugged as I tried another device (fan), and it works fine. Any pointers as to what could be wrong would be highly appreciated.


  • make sure the power switch is turned on.
  • Yes, the power switch is ON
  • Also, I can see red LED on theMCB. Not sure if this is an indication of something being wrong.
  • This sounds as if the console has failed. I would check the voltage at the upper wire harness connection. You're looking for 12vdc on the red and black wires in the harness.
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    Can you guide or assist on how to check this voltage at wire harness connection. Would really appreciate.
  • Sure, there's a wire harness that runs up the upright post from the motor controller to the console. At the top of the upright post there will be a connector. disconnect it from the upper section. then, find the red and black wires in the lower section. use the 2 leads from a voltmeter and set it for DC Volts. check between those 2 wires.
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