Nordictrack Lube ?

Model NTL09007.0

Nordictrack still says in their manual and on their website to never use silicone lube. Use only their very expensive product.

However, most treadmill websites say to use silicone and some say that Nordictrack is now allowing it.

I opened a contact form with them providing all my contact info and product detail including serial number. The idiotic response was a canned email asking for all the same information again. This horrible support would be enough to not buy their products again.

So, is silicone now recommended for Nordictrack treadmills? If not, is there a substitute for their unreasonably expensive lube.


  • yes, Silicone is the preferred method now. just make sure it's a water based and not petroleum based silicone. here is a discount code you can use on the website for a 5% discount (5offkevin)
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