NordicTrack 2022 Commercial 2450


Long time reader, first time poster. I bought a floor model of the above treadmill at a sporting goods store which discontinued the warranty.

Squeaking when running towards the front of the belt. Used to be on long runs, then it would start at 20 minutes, now it’s about 7-10 minutes in. Does go away for a bit if I run on a .5 or 1 percent incline.

Lubed everything I could, tightened everything I could, took the hydraulic bar off the bottom like everyone on Reddit said was an issue, calibrated the incline, no avail.

When I take the hood off it seems like it is coming from the roller bar pushing into the incline frame. Almost like there’s too much give in the unit in general.

Any assistance would be great!!! I’m going nuts with the constant squeaking over here haha



  • can you take a short video and send it to my email?
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