Deck Needs Cleaning, Simple Green

I've removed the deck on our 2006 Vision Fitness treadmill as I'm replacing the running belt. It has never been lubed or cleaned after ~250 miles of walking. We only use it when the weather is preventing walking outdoors. The deck is silky smooth but fairly dirty with a large wax buildup in the corners. The lines of wax are about 4" from the edge of the belt. See pix at

First, what do I use to clean the deck?

Second what lube do I use on the deck when I put the new belt on? Treadmill Doctor Premium Walking Belt Lubricant or World Famous Lube? The manual says to "Wax" the deck every 6 months and ask the Vision Fitness retailer for info. So wax or lube?


  • I would use mineral spirits to clean the deck and then re-lube with World Famous Lube or the premium walking belt lube. no wax, use a water based silicone for treadmills.
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