Smooth Fitness 6.25 power problem?

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(This is an edited post, as I inaccurately described the problem).

My Smooth Fitness 6.25 treadmill briefly shows 'Err2' on start. I couldn't find a root cause for this error when googling.

I'm guessing its related to a new behavior where power to the motor seems weak. The belt does not move as fast as it used to and slows when stepped on. The motor also is making a new whirring noise when running, and clicking noises when I move the belt by hand.

All the console LEDs are working fine.

Is there a way to tell if its an issue with the transformer or the power control board? I dont have a wiring diagram for the unit.

And I've not done the Amp test yet as I need to get a multimeter.



  • sounds like more than 1 issue here. Motor and motor controller. your only option with the motor is to have it rebuilt. I do have the motor controllers. you might find a used motor at
  • Thanks. How much is a controller?
  • they are 299.99 you can order 1 by calling me at 888-362-1105 x 330
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