I'm trying to fix my used treadmill I got on Facebook. Belt slipping. I replaced the walking belt and put on lube (appears to be not the problem). The deck was in good condition (appears to be not the problem). But, when I walk on it (I'm 220 lbs) the belt is still slipping.

I made a video of what happens when I intentionally try to get the belt to slip.

Also not in the video is me stopping the belt when it is running. When this happens, the walking belt stops, drive belt stops, but motor keeps going (not sure if that means anything).

What is happening and what am I missing?
-Is the walking belt too loose? I doubt it because I really have tightened it.
-Is the drive belt too loose? (possibly?)
-Is the motor bad?

Any help wit this is much appreciated


  • lubricate the walking belt. It may need a new drive belt too
  • I got the new walking belt from you guys and put on the full amount of lube that came with it.. do you still think it needs more?

    Were you able to watch the video? Did anything seem obvious from the video??

    What percent chance do you think it is the drive belt from the video?
  • I did watch the video and I don't think it's the drive belt. looks to me like it just needs more lubricant.
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