Horizon T7.1 Stopping Early


I have a strange problem whereby our treadmill ends the workout early, constantly stopping. This ONLY happens with my other half! I have not once had the issue and am racking my brains. She weighs alot less than me but wasnt sure that would cause it. Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • Is it in a program or manual? Is she using it right after you're done using it?
  • It happens to her no matter what program she uses. I’ve tried to replicate the fault in all the ways she has it. Very bizzarre
  • She uses it before me, sometimes after and sometimes at random times
  • Have you lubricated the walking belt?
  • I haven’t and it hasnt been for a while. Though it runs perfectly fine for myself so surely lubrication isnt the issue?
  • I would try that first. How old is the machine? It could be a friction issue between the belt and deck. The only other thing I can think of is a bad connection in the wiring somewhere. I don't think the controller is bad.
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