Nortictrack over heating lubbed belt replaced motor and control board

I have a nortictrack A2350 and i replaced the motor and control board. worked fine for a while with light use.
it started overheating and stopped abruptly after about 1 .5 hours a walking speed of 3 and elevation of 3.
i just lubed belt with 100 pure silicone and re-tensioned it and after worked it in for 5 minutes. then started walking on it and did a break in of about 50 minutes at a speed of 3 and no elevation. i started to smell the motor again and it is hot to the touch.
any ideas


  • try lubing the belt again. Use about an ounce of lube per application. if the issues persists, I would replace the belts.
  • I just added more lube and got about 2.5 miles and could smell it starting to get hot again.
  • do you have the model number of the a2350? This is a friction issue and the belts should be replaced.
  • it still starts getting hot after about 2 miles. what belt should be replaced. the deck or drive.
  • the walking belt
  • got belt yesterday from treadmill dr on amazon. i hope to install it on Monday as i have family commitments until then. ill let you know how it goes.
  • hi Kevin C
    i have walking belt and new drive belt from treadmill Dr. installed and still lose.
    my questions is:
    the walking belt says it is pre lubricated. should I also use the lube included with the belt now or do you think that is for later use.
  • I would use it right away
  • Hi Kevin
    Thanks for all your help. i used it yesterday and did 4 miles and the motor was cool to the touch afterwards. i did have to do adjustments to the belt to eliminate belt skip but once that was done, it works like new.
    i did notice some oil leaking by the elevation motor and gear box. can the gasket be replaced or do you have to replace the whole assembly.
  • you would need to replace the whole assembly
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