NordicTrack 2950

Hi folks,

Anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram for the NordicTrack2950 and/or info on how I get to the underside of the horizontal panel with the buttons ... the underside seems to be one panel with the grip bar but (as I didn't install it) I don't know exactly how it comes apart. I am OK to just go with the 'unscrew everything and see' method but thought I would check if anyone has info on this first.

I am looking to hack the incline and speed buttons via an external controller which I am hoping is a matter of jumping the switch and lining that out to a controller board - could be an interesting project which I will be happy to share if/when I get it completed :-)

Any help appreciated


  • can you get me the specific model number of the 2950?
  • Hi Kevin, sorry I didn't notice the response. Model Number is NETL28719.0 "Commercial 2950".

    It looks like the panel below the buttons separates but not sure the sequence of disassembly and whether the pulse bar will wiggle out of the side supports. Any help very much appreciated.
  • The only way to bypass the incline buttons on this one is with a momentary double pole double throw switch. All the wiring in the console is low voltage and is sent as a signal to the lower board. In order to bypass the console you would need to connect the motor, which is 120VAC to the proper style switch.
  • Thanks for the response Kevin.

    Could I not put a 'short' wire over the button (effectively completing the switch), controlled from a momentary switch? This switch activation would be via a relay/switch interface from a Raspberry Pi or similar on signal from the software.

    Apologies if I am not getting the way the wiring works on this :-)
  • you would be bypassing the console signals and wiring the 120VAC motor directly to a switch. It's not an ideal way to do it but it will work.
  • With my limited knowledge of electronics I was basically just trying to mirror the action of the treadmill switch but controlling the actual switching from a microprocessor. If I can figure how to get to the back of the switches I will try testing it.
  • There should be screws around the perimeter on the back side of the display/console.
  • I will give it a go thanks - not sure if the pulse bars will drop out of the arms at the side ... guess its a 'find out' moment :-)
  • pulse bar will lift away with the screen
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