AFG Sport 2.5AT powered off. Smoke appeared.

Treadmill: AFG Sport 2.5AT purchased 2018
Motor Controller board: MLH0910PD
EMI Filter: BIBO EMI FILTER;POWER;16A;;BF1101-16A-02;120V/250-50-60Hz
Motor: Johnson Drive System; Model JM05-015; DC90V; HP 2.50; RPM 3150; 16A

Using treadmill (4.2mph). Treadmill suddenly powered off. Pressed Reset button near switch. Turned back on. Smoke appeared from control board. Unplugged from wall.

Found 2 wire blade connectors on control board that were burnt. One on a white wire, going from EMI Filter (LINE side) to blade connector, labeled "AC2", on controller board. Other one was on a red wire, going from motor to blade connector labeled "RED1" on controller board (if pics are allowed, they are both circled red).

Not sure which component is causing this issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


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