belt worn out too fast/needing recommendations

Hi, so in April of last year, my treadmill's motor starts to give off a very strong burning smell. Thanks to the help by the admin of this site, I was able to identify that it is the problem with the walking belt and replaced it. I purchased the belt from treadmill doctor (but from Amazon and not this site). I weight 180lbs, walk at 3mph for 1 hour everyday, and lubricate the belt once every two months. Now I have the same problem with the smell again which I think is the same issue with the belt. I am going to test it using the multimeter method. My question is is it common for the belt to wear out in a year? My previous belt which was original lasted about 5 years. I do not spot anything wrong with this belt or the previous belt and wonder why the belt starts wearing out so fast lately? The only difference I can think of is that I changed my pair of walking shoes about two years ago. They are a bit heavier and thicker (and very worn by now) and I don't know if that would damage the belt?
Also on a different note, can someone recommend a durable treadmill that is relatively easier to change the walking belt? I don't need anything fancy, not even app-enabled or anything like that. I think my proform 300i is very reliable but it is a pain to change the belt because I basically have to take everything apart.
Thank you so much for any pointers!


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