NordicTrack Incline Hums but does move

NordicTrac x11i (NTL24015.1)

My incline treadmill has been sitting in my garage in two pieces for the past 2-3 years since me moved. Decided it was time to get back on it so put it back together and cleaned in up. Booted up fine, run an update out of habit, and ran the belt some so I could better clean and lube it. Then ran the incline calibration... that is were my issues started.

It extended the incline all the way, then froze, and calibration failed.

Pressing either up/down on the incline or any of the quick keys will cause the incline motor to hum for a second and then stop stop, but no movement. Further calibrations will cause it to hum, stop humming, hum, stop humming and then fail. Reboots, unplugging for the night, and factory resets do not help.

Backing up a little, a dog chewed on the connector from the console to the main panel (right at the leg where the console frame bolts to the treadmill frame) and I replaced that wire harness before I ever turned on the unit... I did reopen the panel and make sure everything was seated properly, in case that was the cause of the incline issues.

At this point, figured it was the incline motor, so ordered a new one. When it arrived, I installed it and turned on the machine. As soon at the treadmill booted, the inline immediately fully extended the deck and then locked up (pressing any of the down incline buttons did had no effect). Once locked, it had the same humming and such as the previous incline motor.

One last note that happened to both the old and new incline motors... when unbolted after fully extended, I could not freely turn the spiral bar on either in order to unwind them. It took a screwdriver and some force to get it to start to turn, but then about a quarter turn it began to turn freely. Wound it down to about half way and hooked everything back up. Same humming, but no movement.

My best guess is the main board, but before I start ordering more parts, thought I would see if anyone has suggestions, advice, or opinions on what I should do or try next.


  • Swap the red and black wires on that motor and let me know if you get the same results
  • Same result. Only difference is the humming seemed quieter, but that could have just been ambient sound (rather hard to say).
  • have you disconnected on end of the incline motor and tried it?
  • No, but I will give that a shot.
  • Disconnected the incline motor from the platform... no change. Remembered that I swapped the red/black, so put those back and tried again...

    When I turned on the treadmill, as soon as it booted the screw began to spin. It did not extend at all, just spun in plan for several minutes.

    I blocked it from spinning (fingers were enough to hold it), and it began to extend. It did that until fully extended and then hummed a couple times and stopped. Tried calibration and it failed.

    Turned off the unit, manually retracted the incline screw, and then tried again... same hum a couple of times and then stopped. Hitting any incline button or running calibration does the same thing.
  • This does sound like that lower board
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  • Thank you very kindly for the help and info; it is greatly appreciated.
  • You're welcome
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