Proform 525 CT Motor not working

Proform 525CT PFTL49617.0 motor stop working after giving burning smell for while.
Tested motor by giving 18v DC ,but does not rotate.
Also checked the output voltage at motor controller for A+ and A- is 167 v DC and red led on board starts blinking after pressing start and solid red on stop.
Not sure what is bad , id it motor or control board or what.
Incline motor and console works perfectly


  • Was planning to order replacement motor but than thought if 167v DC can blew new motor also
  • Resistance between + and - of motor is also infinite and its not 5 to 10 ohms
  • if the motor won't spin with a battery, then I'd replace the motor. Here is a code you can use on the checkout page for a 5% discount (5offkevin)
  • But what for 167v dc from controller to motor, this can damage the new motor also? or this high voltage at A+ and A- are normal
  • was the motor hooked up when you tested the controller voltage?
  • no motor was disconnected
  • I tested with both motor connected and disconnected, both time it was same DC 167volt
  • I replaced the mosfet on controller also still same numbers
  • it's likely you have more than 1 issue here
  • Should I replace the motor or not at this point. or both motor and controller
    How much the DC voltage should be at A+ and A- on controller with motor connected and motor disconnected
  • I would replace the motor first since it's know to not work from a battery. Then, the controller if it still doesn't work. The controllers output varies from about 15VDC @ .5 mph up to about 90+ or more at full speed with the motor connected. I've found that the output readings with the motor disconnected can vary a lot.
  • ok thanks..Do you sell controller also.What will be controller for Proform 525CT PFTL49617.0 on your website.
    My current controller is MC1618DL ZC0547 REV A
  • Here is a code you can use on the checkout page for a 5% discount (5offkevin)
  • I took out old motor from treadmill but I can not remove flywheel from it as it is very hard to remove.I will need this flywheel if I get motor from you.
    How to remove flywheel.. I have tried so much but no luck
  • here is a video on how to remove the flywheel
  • I ordered the motor from you and got it, but now problem is I can not put back the drive belt on pulley.
    I have not fully tighten the motor bolts yet but still can not put back belt on both pulley
  • you may have to loosen the walking belt up and let the left side of the front roller move forward in order to get this belt back in place.
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