Treadmill Stopping After a Few Minutes

I recently bought a used Proform Pro 5000. My treadmill randomly stops at different times and different speeds. Sometimes as early as 1 minute into the workout and other times not until 8 minutes or so. When I get off it’ll start back up again. I noticed that the control board has a red light that blinks fast with no pauses when it shuts down but blinks slower when it’s going fine. The motor isn’t getting hot and no burning smell. The treadmill belt looks fine and the deck belt has been lubricated. The treadmill just stops moving but the motor is trying to move it (my husband was using his hand to assist the pully and it was still working to move). I’m wondering if it’s a motor issue or a control board issue.
The weight limit is not being exceeded, treadmill is plugged directly plugged into the wall on a 15 amp breaker. Any suggestions or further trouble shooting steps would be very appreciated!


  • This is most likely a controller failure.. if you can get me the specific model number of the 5000 I'll see if we have the board available.
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