Landice L7 treadmill belt

I'm planning to order the 20" belt for the L7 treadmill and would like to also replace the drive belt. Do you have it in stock? I think the deck is reversible, so it should be fine.


  • yes, we have them in stock Here is a code you can use on the checkout page for a 5% discount (5offkevin)
  • I haven't found the drive belt listed on your website. Can you please provide a link to it with the price, and is there anything else I might need, like rubber cushions or anything else that might have worn out. Also is my deck likely to have the holes on both sides or will I have to drill them? Thanks.
  • the l7 uses a 220j8 drive belt ;
    the deck in not flippable on this machine.
  • From the manual / L7-90 specifications:
    1 inch thick wood Phenolic layer -- Reversible.
    What makes you think that information is not right?
  • I would double check with Landice.
  • Landice has confirmed by both phone and email that the L7 deck is reversible.
  • Thanks.
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