Confidence Fitness TXI treadmill

Hi. Anyone have experience with this treadmill?
After many a good year it has ground to a halt. Power is still getting to the board but neither the belt motor or incline motor are moving.
I really would prefer to repair rather than replace as it is very sturdy and was reliable.


  • this sounds like the motor controller may have failed. Can you send me a picture of the motor controller? you can send it to my email.
  • Hi, I sent it over now. Sorry for my delay. I didn't get a notification of the reply.
  • ok, I got it. unfortunately, I don't have one like that available.
  • ok, thanks for checking. Appreciated.
    What am I looking for, is there a name or number? Are they interchangeable or generic?
  • it's called a motor controller and they are not interchangeable with other manufacturers.
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