Smooth 9.2 roller bearings

Anyone have experience servicing Smooth treadmills? I have an older SMT9.2HR.01 and I'm trying to replace the front and rear roller bearings. I have the rollers off but there is like a plastic end cap on the rollers covering access to the bearings. I haven't tried to pry them off yet... it's plastic and I'm not sure I can get it off without damaging it. I wonder if it is necessary to reinstall or if its just a dust cover? The schematic shows the roller as a single part. I have a few pictures below.


  • Ok, I figured it out. That plastic end cap is actually the carrier for the bearing. I took the circlip off and tapped out the shaft from the other end and it came out. Unfortunately the bearing is totally encased and there aren't any seams in the plastic so the bearing appears to be non-serviceable. Smooth is long out of business so I don't think I can find this part. Does anyone know of any compatible parts for this type of roller? Thanks again.
  • you might try
  • Thanks for the reply.
    I looked at it closer the next day and the plastic endcap is indeed welded together holding the bearings in. The treadmill is well used (2000 date code) and overall in rough shape but the motor is quite strong. I was hoping to change the bearings with new ones for around $20 and squeeze a few more years out of it, but don't think its worth changing both rollers out with used ones that have bearings of unknown age or quality. It's a shame Smooth made the roller non-serviceable. I'll probably part it out and pick up a Sole.
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