Smooth 6.25

Bought 2009 .In 2012 had a issue where it would not run . They sent some diagrams and we determined it was a pinched wire from the console to Motor Control . rerouted wire and has bene trouble free until 2 weeks ago. it shut off at 38 minutes . Smelled like something hot which refreshed my 2012 issue. I waited 5 min and it ran well . I took off shroud and cleaned everything and it ran well next two weeks. put shroud on and it ran for another week .Sunday it stopped again around the 34 min mark and again some smell . Waited about a hour and it started but only ran 8 min .Will not run now . I had a spare motor and ran wires to it-NO LUCK. Replaced the pinch wire from way back in 2012 -NO LUCK . Console lights up and appears to work ok . Elevation motor works . The reset switch on side has no resistance when you push it but since have power on everything assume its ok ? Belt seams ok . Looking for ideas ? thinking it might be a bad Motor Control Board and have a electrical guy coming to help . Really need to get it going as having some issue with health and need this as walking outside in Pennsylvania in winter is bad. If cant fix will need top buy another one quickly - any recommendations . Age 74 -only walk on it . Have really never used programs or even elevation .Just basically walking .Any place to get poarts for Smooth


  • yes, this is the controller. Give me a call @ 888-362-1105 x 330. I have these replacements available.
  • Kevin are you available on weekends as just saw your reply .If not can call Monday .Worked on it and got to go but now my stupidity might have blown the existing board. Would like to discuss as you seam to have parts and knowledge
  • I'm available m-f 8-5 central
  • I was able to find a motor control on ebay on a bid for $1 plus $9.95 shipping and had it on order since Feb 1st .Arrived Tuesday finally and it matched the existing one .I installed and the treadmill is back up and running. Now working on getting everything back to where it was . Some questions - is there a good way to check the belt tension on the drive belt ? I had this off and do do so loosen the treadmill belt but also the tension adjustment on motor . Worried that its back to a good setting ? Also I had some old lubricant that came with the treadmill 16 years ago .It was a foam pad you spread the lubricant on and then attempt to transfer to the treadmill surface . I was wondering if you have another recommendation as see lots of sprays which seam easier to apply?
  • The drive belt; you want about 1/4 inch deflection on the drive belt. it should be relatively tight. lube; the silicon in that kit is fine but throw the wand away. most of the lube stays on the wand. just put the lube directly between the belt and deck and concentrate it right in front of where you walk. We have lube in a bottle and individual packs as well but as long as its a water based silicone you'll be fine. Here is a code you can use on the checkout page for a 5% discount (5offkevin)
  • So still working on Smooth Treadmill . After lubricating the belt and checking belt tension both drive and running belt have used it 3 times . Somethings I noticed :smile: when i step on the treadmill belt it slows down a little .I have cover off and see no slipping in drive belt so assume its just the result of my 216 lbs? The speed distance and time tracks close on display and apple watch . I normally walk at 3.5 mph .and 3-3.5 miles . About the 2.5 mile mark you start noticing a smell coming off the motor area .When done the motor is pretty hot and you have that smell lingering for awhile . The brushes appear to be wearing ok but they are about 3/8 in length . I think they were longer .Only number I see is a 546? I have a spare motor Smooth sent years ago and after reading thought it has to be a motor issue so decided to replace . Unfortunately its not a exact replacement so will need to modify the mounting bracket which will head to shop today . No real info on either motor as think they are Taiwan . So do you agree its a motor or will brushes do the same? Do you have replacement brushes and what info is required ? Any other thoughts?
  • I don't have the brushes but what I would do is an amp draw test. This sounds as if there is just too much friction between the belt and deck.
  • Brush was 561 Can I attach pictures to this post? Im just going to go ahead and modify the bracket and install the new motor .Then once installed will at least eliminate that variable and do a trial and your test .
  • you can send it to my email;
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