Nordic Track EXP 1000X high current

I have owned the subject treadmill since purchasing new ~20 years ago. It has served well with little maintenance. I have replaced the belt atleast once and I believe the rollers were replaced once too (early on, under warranty). Over time, it has begun hitting its breaker tolerance when loaded causing it to shut off. I have lubricated the deck and the belt moves freely by hand with little effort (best metric I have). Unloaded, the unit on 4mph draws 4 amp. From what I read, this is within limit and on the high side of good. Loaded with 220lb walker at 4mph, I would expect about 8a but am getting 13-15a. So where to start? Roller(s)?, belt? I can't think of a method to eliminate one or the other but it seems if loading causes that much friction it must be in that area of the system.

I'm hoping somebody here has experienced something similar and has ideas they can share.



  • The belt is usually the culprit for a high amp draw. But before you purchase it, check the surface of the deck. It should be smooth and slippery. if there are any cracks,blisters, or anything that would increase the friction, I would replace it too.
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  • Thanks, Kevin. I've made alignment adjustments and not seeing noticeable difference in current draw. I don't feel anything that would introduce a lot of friction so am going to try some lubrication first, then depending on outcome, will pursue your suggestion. Appreciate the advice and discount code.
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