Pacemaster Proselect won't maintain speed

This treadmill suddenly started to slow down with a load on it. Sometimes it tries to overcompensate and then goes faster than the set point. Seems like I bought it in the late '90s. Not sure what's wrong with it so difficult to determine if its worth fixing. Appears there are only two major components, a motor and circuit board. There is a reluctor mounted on the end of the motor, I assume this senses the rpm necessary to maintain a set speed? Appreciate any help. Thanks. -Bob


  • try lubricating the walking belt. sounds as if there is too much friction between the belt and deck.
  • Ok, not aware that could be done or how to do it - any links for more info?
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    Did a little searching and found this:
  • yes, that will work. and Here is a code you can use on the checkout page for a 5% discount (5offkevin)
  • Lubricating seems to have cured my problem. Had a hard time getting my hand under the belt (even after loosening the belt quite a bit) and only used half the lube. Difficult to determine what kind of coverage I got but we'll see how it goes. Thanks for the help.
  • If that walking belt is more than 8 years old, I would consider replacing it as soon as possible
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