NordicTrack C800 Majority of console Buttons are not working

My NordicTrack C800 (Model # 25018.0) started having problems within the last couple weeks. Due to some home construction contractors had moved the unit to a different room. After the move, there were actually no issues -- I plugged it in and buttons were all working; machine could be started, speeds could be adjusted, and incline could also be adjusted. Because the contractors had held the wrong area during the move, they had bent the bracket that the console sits on. Honestly, I should had left it at that since the machine was still functional. Stupidly, I used a hammer in the location that my finger is pointing to in this picture ( to bang it a few times to try to bend the frame back to a more upright position with roughly maybe 20 lbs of force. I then attempted to power up the unit again and start the machine -- that is when I found that the buttons stopped working (I didn't test all of them at the time but every single one I depressed had not work). I left the machine off for a week and unplugged. I turned it back on after that and all the buttons started working again. I then tried to bend the metal frame with force to an upright position since the hammer method a week before didn't work (again, a stupid thing to do). After I tried to do this, when I powered the unit back up with the key, only SPEED 3 and SPEED 9 buttons now work. All other buttons don't work including the start/stop buttons. It's been a few days since and I have tried cycling the power each day, cleaning the ends of the cables inside the console, and have had no luck with getting more buttons to work so only SPEED 3 and SPEED 9 are working right now.

I have recorded a video of its current state. If anyone has any guidance on how else to troubleshoot, I am trying to pinpoint what component has failed.

Video of the buttons being depressed:

Thanks in advance!


  • The only thing that can be done at this point is to replace the console
  • Thank you, Kevin. I did have some follow-up questions if you don't mind.

    1. I only removed the one end of the cables that are attached to the visible circuit boards. Should I try removing from the other end -- or is that end not possible? If it is, I would want to try cleaning those ends as well.
    (Circled in blue in the picture)

    2. Does TreadmillDoctor sell NordicTrack C800 (Model # 25018.0) console & handrail parts? Here's screenshots of the parts and associated exploded views in the user manual:

    If they do, could you send me the links that would list out the prices for it (let me know if there are any bundle discounts if available).

    3. If TreadmillDoctor doesn't sell these parts, are there any other online retailers you would suggest I search to see if they have them available?

    Thanks again.
  • One more thing, is it possible for the "upright wire" the wire that connects the console to the boards from the bottom of the machine to fail and result in the buttons not working?
  • 1, the other ends of the ribbon cables go directly to the buttons and there's no connections there. 2. I can get the handle bars. they are 69.99 each but the console is no longer available. 3. you might try it's very unlikely the upright wire would cause any of this
  • Thanks, Kevin. Appreciate the information. I'll reach out to fitnessgraveyard about the console (didn't see it on their listing but sent them a . The console is definitely the most important thing for me right now; if we can get it replaced, we'll definitely consider replacing the handle bars as well.
  • if you don't have any luck with the console I have one other option.
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