Treadmill runs hot

I have a two year old Horizon T202-4 treadmill. Last year I noticed that the motor would get hot after 30-45 minutes of use and smell. I called Horizon in Jan 2021 and they sent me a new motor. I didn't install it and continued using my treadmill for the next 2-3 months until summer came and I no longer used it. Now that it's cold again I am back on the treadmill and the smell got worse. The motor was hot to the touch. I tried cleaning and lubricating the deck and adjusting the tension (I did adjust the top bolt not knowing I shouldn't). I notice that the rear bolts aren't adjusted to the same amount in order to tighten the belt. I only tightened the belt about 1/4 beyond what was needed to stop the slipping and can lift it up about 3 inches on each side at the center of the board. I also inspected the deck and it's in great shape. The belt is also in good shape with no smoothness or discoloration on either side. Note: I only lubed the belt when I bought it and not since until now. I only used it 30 mins a day, max, between October 2020 and March 2021 and again the same months in 2021-2022.
So here's where I am at.
I installed the new motor - same issues remain.
I checked the amp draw. Unloaded it's around 1.5-2.4 or so and loaded maxed at 7 (generally between 5 and 7 amps).
After 20 minutes of unloaded use, the control board and motor were at or slightly above room temp (78-80 degrees).
After 25 minutes of loaded use the control board was 120+ degree, capacitors were 150 degrees, and the motor was 136 degrees.
I am not sure what the issues could be and the local company wants $149 just to come and diagnose the issue. The item is out of warranty for all but the frame and motor. They are sending me another new motor. I am starting to suspect that it could be the control board, but I am not sure of the normal operating temps of the board and its components when loaded.

Any idea what could be causing the high temps of the motor and board?
What can I do to correct the issues?


  • That is a friction issue between the belt and deck. Try using more lubricant
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