Startup Failure on Horizon T202

My 10 yr old treadmill has suddenly failed. When powered up, the console does not initialize. No beeps, error codes, or displayed info. The backlight on the LCD simply flashes continuously, with ~1 sec interval. One of the relays on the MCB also clicks continuously with a similar frequency. If I disconnect the UCB cable, the relay clicking stops. Input voltage to MCB is good. Belt motor works normally with DC power applied. I can probably rationalize replacing the MCB or UCB on this older unit, but not both. Any thoughts or suggestions for isolating the problem? Thank you.


  • This is most likely a failed motor controller. try checking the voltage going up to the console/display
  • Yes, I did this based on another tip, and you are correct sir. The console runs on 12V, and it booted fine when powered with a battery. The DC supply from the MCB is pulsing voltage on the UCB supply. It is too unstable even to read on my multimeter. This is feeding back somehow to fire the incline relay in synch with the pulse. I have a new MCB on order. Thanks.
  • do you have the serial number available?
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