NordicTrack Incline creates Shut down

Hi everyone,

I have a NordicTrack X9i and every time I raise the incline over about 20 grade the treadmill shuts off. I did an amp draw test and it was only drawing about 1-2 amps at the time. I also did a system reset and lubricated the treadmill so wondering what else may be the problem. Any ideas? Thanks


  • Update: this morning the treadmill shut off before I even got on it. And there was no incline. I had left it to warm up and run by itself and it just shut off as it was going.
  • that sounds like it could be a motor controller failure. However, I have seen the consoles on the X9i fail from time to time too. Check to see if you're getting voltage going up to the console. (8-12VDC between the red and black wires in the 8 pin wire harness)
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