JLL s300 - lights on but no buttons work

This morning turned JLL S300 on - lights came on but no buttons work. Taken off the covers but I cant see any wires unconnected or broken. Unplugged all connectors and used electrical contact cleaner....... Nothing ....... but all lights are still on registering the digit 0. Has the controller died ?


  • it is possible. It could also be a console issue. Do the buttons beep when pressed? They do on most machines.
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    no beeps when pressing buttons. Only beep I get is when you turn on machine
  • This is most likely a console problem. replacing the console is what's needed.
  • I messaged JLL - just got response "You may require a new controller" is that same as console
  • no, it's not. the console/display is different than the controller.
  • new console installed - same issue :neutral:
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