Issues with NordicTrack Commercial 1750

Recently purchased a used NordicTrack 1750 that has an issue I can't seem to resolve.

Problem: Motor won't start under load and won't stop under load (weird I know)

Details: When turning the treadmill on, no matter the speed setting, if a heavier person is standing on it, the motor doesn't turn the belt. I've taken the cover off, the motor isn't slipping, it just isn't turning either the drive belt or walking belt. Once I get off of it and allow the motor to come up to speed, it works alright. However it doesn't adjust speed up under load, so we either have to run faster to give it a little help or get off to allow it to get up to speed then get back on (which is tough if running).
Now here is where it gets real interesting....if we adjust speed down from say 5 to 3 or even pull the safety key, it will continue to turn at original speed until load has been removed. Sometimes, with the safety key removed it will stop eventually and suddenly, but never immediately unless someone the weight of a child is on it.

Troubleshooting performed:
Wiring harness from controller down to motor control had smashed wires. Had to rebuild wiring harness, checked continuity and all is correct based on wiring diagram.
Inspected walking platform and belt, both in good condition and lubricated both (thinking it was a friction issue).
Loosened walking belt to internet specifications (pull up on belt 3" without straining) and checked tension on drive belt (ability to rotate it 90deg).
Removed and inspected the brushes, both in good condition.

My assumption is it is a controller issue....any help would be appreciated.


  • This sounds as if its a controller. once I replaced the controller I would do an amp draw test just to verify the condition of the belt.
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  • Appreciate it Kevin....any chance this could be a calibration issue? I'm not even sure if there is a calibration to be done on this model for the motor or speed. The maintenance menu doesn't give it as an option, only option is for incline calibration.

    Model is NTL14011.0
  • I don't think its a calibration issue
  • Kevin, replaced the board this weekend and that fixed my issue. Appreciate the help.

    Also performed the dc amp draw test outlined above...motor is fine, but under load after being recently lubricated I was seeing around 6 to 9 amps with the occasional spike to a little more than 10.

    So the belt probably needs to be changed out here soon.

    Thanks again.
  • yes, I would say soon. keep it lubricated and Here is a code you can use on the checkout page for a 5% discount (5offkevin)
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