problems with NT C2200

My problem is when I put the safety key in the digital display lights up,( normal) when push the start button the MPH indicator reads 1 mph,(normal) the motor and belt starts to turn on, and quickly shuts off.(not normal).
the incline mechanism works normally all the other digital readout functions work normally.

any suggestions.


  • This is a motor controller failure. Test the motor to be sure.
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  • Kevin

    Where can I buy a motor controller went to e replacement parts they have it listed as Obsolete.
    Controller Obsolete - Not Available
    Part Number:248187
  • Use this link;
    we have these.
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  • My treadmill has a separate transformer mounted to the frame away from the board. do I remove it along with the controller? Is the new board a plug in and play or run. ? If this doesn't work what is your return policy? I'm more of a mechanical person not electronic ? Dose it come with detail instructions.
  • yes, you remove the existing transformer. and just plug and play. some will require a calibration but that's an easy process
  • Ok I tested my DC motor as described in your video and it runs using a 20 DCV battery from my cordless drill. I also found the Model number 30600.0 for my treadmill on the white manufactures Tag attached to the frame. Is MC-2100 the correct motor control board / with transformer for this model treadmill?
  • I see amazon has a MC-2100 Board sold by treadmill Doctor will this bard work in my Norditrack model 30600.0?
  • yes, it will work.
  • Is there any special lub for the walking belt?
  • here is a code you can use on the checkout page for a discount (5offkevin)
  • sir; I received the updated MC-2100 motor control board - w/Transformer on 11/23/2022 I'm a bit confused... Your instructions read as follows; " Next, remove the blue AC wire from the CB1 input on the old board and put it on the AC input terminal labeled CB1. Do the same thing for the other blue wire to the CB1A terminal." The board you sent me has a RED Jumper wire across terminals CB1 to CB1A (see attached picture ) Do I have the correct board? My treadmill is a Noreditrack C2200
  • Give me a call @ 888-362-1105 x 330
  • Yes Kevin we talked last week about that jumper wire, that is clear to me. However a new question came up about the ground wire , the old board has 2 green wires one connected to the aluminum plate and the other green wire connects to a terminal on the board and goes to a ground screw on the steel frame of the treadmill.
    the new board only has one yellow ground wire connected to the aluminum plate. Do i run a ground wire from the aluminum plate ground screw to the steel frame ground screw of the treadmill??
  • the ground is not necessary on the new board.
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