Sole F85 Console Issues

A couple of months ago, pressing the Fan button caused the belt to jerk to a stop as if the emergency cord was pulled. It happens with or without someone on it, so I stopped using the fan. Today I pressed the start button and the entire display when blank and just flickered and finally came on. I started walking and the display blanked out and flickered & the belt jerked to a stop. I was finally able to finish my workout but it feels like the issues are escalating.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


  • The first thing I would check it to make sure all the wire connections are tight. Specifically, the main harness at the motor controller all the way up to the console.
  • Just checked and everything is tight. Thank you
  • intermittent issues are really hard to diagnose. Try this, start the machine and try moving the connections to see if you can reproduce the problem.
  • Quick follow up - I spoke to Sole, Treadmill Doctor & a local repair company today. They all think the console or the display board is going bad. And as neither is available I'm looking at having to purchase a new treadmill. Thank you KevinC for the assist.
  • I do have one other option. Check out this link.
    It's called the Treadmill Rescue Kit. Once you check out the video give me a call if you'd like more info. 888-362-1105 x 330. it's most likely less expensive than you would have paid for a replacement console.
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