Nordictrack C990 Icon ZC0549 MC1648DLS treadmill belt motor won't start, red LED flashes

I have a Nordictrack C990 treadmill with control board Icon ZC0549 (also says MC1648DLS on the heat sink), the belt motor won't start but the console starts up without error and the incline motor still works. When I initiate a workout session on the treadmill (the motor is supposed to start) the belt motor doesn't start, all I get is a consistently flash red LED - I believe this means the controller board is receiving a speed signal from the console. When I stop the workout the LED stops flashing. I tried connecting an 18v battery to the belt motor for a split second and the motor did start. I replaced the big 200v 1500uf capacitor (biggest cap in pic toward bottom) and that didn't fix the problem. I unplugged the motor from the control board in order to measure the voltage the control board was outputting and my meter said 148v DC.
Any idea what might be going on or what to try next? Should I try replacing the next biggest capacitor (400v, 120uf)? All of the capacitors?
Images of board:


  • You'll need to replace that controller. What is the model number of the C990?
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