Nordictrack commercial 2950 console not working

Hello all. So my treadmill started acting up. The screen works just fine and I am able to select one of the prebuilt workouts using the screen's touchpad. The issue is that I use any of the buttons that are outside of the screen, mainlying the buttons surrounding the screen. I cannot increase the speed by selecting the number or increase by the using the plus sign. Now I can decrease the speed using the minus sign. I also cannot turn on the fan or increase the speaker volume. The prebuilt workouts buttons also do not work. Now I an increase and decrease incline, I can also lower or raise the console. I have done a firmware update to the tablet, turned it fully off for several minutes, unplugged the console connection cable. Same results. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


  • Sounds like a console issue, what happens when you hit the start button, does time start to count up on console?
  • Yes. When I hit the start button, the manual workout begins at 1 mph. I cannot increase the speed either by using the plus button or the numbers on the side of the console for speed. I can only decrease speed using the minus button. The stop button also works just fine. Any fuse or area I should check? Thank you
  • Thank you. For the time being I found a work around to get my running in. Will search to see if I find a console as well.
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