Nordictrack c1500 screen/console

I am looking for a c1500 screen or console that works. Somehow mine is cracked. I don't know if you can replace just the screen. Also don't know, would it be possible to upgrade the console and put like a c1750 console on a c1590 bottom?


  • Do you have the complete model number its located on a sticker down on the frame close to the floor when you fold unit up. Also you can look under the hood cover and there is a piece of paper inside a envelope that has the model number on the paper
  • Model number 24992
  • That console is no longer available and the c1750 would not work, we sell a treadmill rescue kit that takes the place of the old console when they are no longer available.

    Treadmill Rescue Kit
    Here is something that we design for customers who need a console but find the consoles are no longer available, works on any treadmill if the Drive Motor still works.

    Speed is 0 to 10mph
    Unit will allow unit to incline, but will not show incline levels.

    Includes the Following and is price at $299.99 plus $12.99

    1. New Display
    2. New Motor Controller
    3. New Wire Harness
    4. New Speed Sensor
    5. New Safety Key

    To order please call me 888-362-1105 then enter Ext 331 and ask for Jim or email at
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